Trick or Treating on a New York Halloween

halloween nyc sher she goes (1)
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halloween nyc sher she goes (2)
halloween nyc sher she goes (1)

BOOTS: VINCE (similar below) | JEANSAG JEANS | BAG: VINTAGE CELINE | SWEATER: CLUB MONACO (similar here) | PARKA: ZARA (old, similar here)
There's nothing I love more than decorating for the holidays. I used to deck out my entire apartment in Halloween critters, light up owl candles and make my annual Halloween themed wreath. This year, it crept up so fast that I didn't really make time to do anything special but bake – attempt #1: pumpkin pie (turned out decent) / attempt #2: pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (spectacular fail).

The muffins were especially disappointing since I was really excited for them (a coworker had brought hers in and they were AMAZING) so I did my best to replicate. I even used my new digital food scale in an attempt to get all the flour measurements as accurate as possible. This is the pumpkin chocolate chip recipe I used and I'm definitely going to try again because the recipe writer promises they are the best muffins ever and I mixed up pumpkin pie mix with the regular pumpkin pie canned stuff so I think something was off with the sugar. Ugh, I really am a terrible baker… (no surprise, I got this bread machine for my parents and so far their experiments are equally tasteless haha)

Anyway, I also love seeing everyone else's decorations and couldn't resist snapping a couple pictures of these gorgeous brownstones around the city. Happy Halloween! Do you guys have any fun things planned? Also I'd love if anyone had a good pumpkin recipe to share :)

TIFFNovember 17, 2015 - 8:44 am

This is such a cute post of you and the pumpkins!!!!!
Sorry, that I am being a late here, but Happy Autumn to you!!!

SherNovember 17, 2015 - 10:33 am

Happy Autumn Tiff :) It’s starting to rapidly descend into winter in NYC booo

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