Lunch in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Spending an afternoon in Ljubljana strolling through the city’s open air markets and cafes is a great way to pass the day. Slovenia’s capital has no world-famous attractions so its perfect to just wander or sit in a street cafe and people watch.

After a healthy and filling breakfast of muesli (honey and oats which I mixed with some cereal, nuts and dried fruit), I decided to indulge a little more and have lunch at Zvezda, a cafe near the city’s central square known for its sandwiches and decadent desserts. This cafe/bistro is famed in Ljubljana for its shop-made cakes and even has raw and vegan varieties. I sat outside and people watched while eating a jazzed up grilled cheese with truffle oil and sampling a couple of their different cakes. Afterwards, I got a trio of gelatos to try at the next door shop which was so rich and creamy and definitely the best gelato I had on my trip throughout Eastern Europe!

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[…] Slovenia is a hidden gem in the Balkan region. The city is a close bus ride away from where I stayed at Lake Bled and makes for a relaxed day trip. Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital city but small enough to be explored entirely on foot (or the classic white and gold train in my last photo!). The city itself is very pretty and architecturally looks like its own unique mix of Austria, Prague and Germany. Student life is very active as Slovenia’s University of Ljubljana’s buildings are scattered throughout the city. I saw a lot of students walking about and relaxing in Zvezda Park during the day. Downtown Ljubljana has tons of trendy cafes with outdoor seating, which makes for great people watching! For more on Slovenia’s food, check out my stop at Zvezda Bistro. […]

[…] have looked into hiking Mt. Triglav, visiting the other caves at Skocjan and staying longer in Ljubljana – it really is a beautiful, vibrant […]

[…] Spend a leisurely afternoon at a café, try some delectable pastries and people watch over the open […]

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