Red Lobster Crabfest

red lobster crabfest


Red Lobster Crabfest

Growing up in the suburbs, every time there was something to celebrate or a family get together we would often choose Red Lobster to eat.

At the time, it wasn’t the most affordable option and every time we went it was such a treat. I remember the massive line and wait to get a table, the lobster tanks and ooh boy, all those cheddar garlic biscuits! I could pass on the seafood and just have a meal of many many biscuits.

They are my absolute favorite.


red lobster crabfest


C and I went once to the Red Lobster in Times Square last year to relive both of our childhood memories. I guess the love of cheddar biscuits is universal!

It was about time for another annual trip when Red Lobster reached out to me to help spread the word about the annual summer Red Lobster Crabfest. I don’t think I’ve ever been for this particular event so we were excited to head back and check it out.

There are two Red Lobster locations in New York City and we once again chose Times Square


red lobster crabfest
red lobster crabfest


Crabfest is (you guessed it) focused on crab entrees with three new entrees just for the event. We tried the Alaska Bairdi Crab legs, which were huge – literally legs off the plate. Alaska Bairdi Crab is larger than the traditional snow crab with an amazing delicate, sweet and tender texture.

C went to town and really loved cracking the legs. If you’ve seen the most recent MasterChef episode where Gordon Ramsay fully poaches a lobster, C attempted to recreate the same with the Bairdi crab legs and definitely succeeded. In fact, we had extra to take home and even without crackers, he managed to extract everything!

There’s also this handy ‘How to Crack Crab Legs’ video for the rest of us who aren’t as gifted.


red lobster crabfest
red lobster crabfest


We also tried the Parmesan Corn with cilantro lime butter that was my favorite. I love anything corn and am definitely going to recreate this at home! We’re still going strong cooking all our main meals and this will be a great add to our taco night tomorrow.

To round out our Crabfest, we also ordered some shrimp and chicken tacos that were really filling and drizzled with a delicious sauce. My dad used to always joke that an inventor who perfected just one sauce would be a millionaire and it’s true – the secret to a great meal is in the sauce! I’d love to know what they put in that creamy spicy taco sauce..



Finally, we rounded out the meal with a huge steaming bowl of mussels and toasted bread – my personal favorite. When we first sat down, I had my eye on the Homemade Berry Shore-Cake that’s a special item for Crabfest but by the time we finished our meal, I was too stuffed to do it.

The dessert is a buttery shortcake filled with summer berries and vanilla ice cream and just speaks to my stomach and embodies summer so I will definitely have to go back for that! Anyway, that’s partly why I like to always start my meals with dessert.

Luckily, on our way home the kind staff gave us a hearty to go bag of my favorite biscuits. Yum!

Visit the Crabfest website to learn more about how you can win dinner with Captain Sig of the Deadliest Catch, and a tour of the Northwestern!





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  1. Adaleta Avdic
    July 29, 2016 / 12:36 pm

    I have to say that I was never the biggest lover of crabmeat, until sushi became my thing and now I do love it. I’d love to get some delicious crab, but I definitely don’t have opportunities unless I travel because crabmeat in Arizona is coming A LONG WAY, and who knows how long it’s been frozen HA!

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