Here’s Your Ultimate Packing List for Europe

Everything you need to include on your packing list for Europe: what to wear, what to bring, souvenirs, recommended camera gear and luggage!



Europe Packing List (for Spring and Summer)

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1. Pink Crossbody Bag | 2. Straw Hat | 3. Sunglasses | 4. Printed Scarf | 5. Navy Blazer | 6. Striped T Shirt | 7. Striped Blouse | 8. V-neck Sweater | 9. Red Day Dress | 10. Navy Striped Shorts | 11. Black Sandals | 12. Blue Lace Shorts | 13. Ankle Wrap Espadrilles | 14. Off the Shoulder Floral Dress | 15. Star Earrings | 16. Blush and Bronzer Palette | 17. Backpack | 18. Phone Case

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The Ultimate Packing List for Europe

I’m headed off to Europe this weekend for summer vacation and can’t wait! I’ve been to Europe many times and think I’ve nailed down the art of what to pack so here’s my ultimate Europe packing list for summer and spring.

Europeans dress just a touch more formally than we do in America so I’m packing lightweight tops and longer shorts with subtle accents for my summer Euro trip. I particularly love lace and stripes for summer wear! All of the fabrics are easily cleanable and breathable in the heat and I’ve kept all the clothing to accessible price points.

Here are the essentials you must pack for your European vacation!

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Packing List for Europe in Summer / Spring

Clothes | I recommend packing breathable tops and a couple pairs of jeans and shorts to mix and match. I want to be comfortable sightseeing but I also still want to look nice, so I recommend stain resistant blouses and tank tops and I usually pack a blazer or light sweater for chillier evenings.

Shoes | Europe has tons of cobblestone streets and you’ll likely do a TON of walking. I recommend comfortable sneakers like these for sightseeing and all around day wear. I’m also loving comfortable strappy sandals like this black leather pair from Lucky Brand and a slightly dressier sandal, like these ankle wrap espadrilles to pair with flow-y off the shoulder dresses.

Accessories | A large scarf is essential. It can cover your shoulders if you want to visit a church and can also keep your neck warm on chilly days. I never travel without a scarf.

For dinners or shows, I also bring a couple inexpensive but cute costume jewelry pieces. My current favorite shop is Bauble Bar – they’ve got loud statement pieces, dainty pieces and everything in between… and they’re really affordable so if you lost an earring you don’t get too worked up.

If you’re traveling to Europe in summer, don’t forget a hat! I like bringing inexpensive straw hats to protect from the sun and to also make the outfit :)

Bag | I recommend a backpack or large tote bag for day trips as well as a smaller cross-body bag for everyday sightseeing. I use an extra large travel friendly Lipault tote bag and usually whatever cute cross-body bag I’m into at the moment. For my favorite travel backpacks, you can reference this post.

Wifi | No Europe trip packing list would be complete without this! Chances are, if you’re visiting Europe you’re traveling throughout multiple countries and cellular zones. I recently discovered KnowRoaming, which has a global SIM card that you pop into your phone once and top up at will.

It allows you to have unlimited data in over 90 countries and free WhatsApp usage anywhere – I just learned that you can make free calls with WhatsApp in addition to texting internationally! How did I not know this?

The best part about using a KnowRoaming global SIM card is that you can monitor your usage and spending. I downloaded the KnowRoaming app on my phone, which tells me in real time how much data I’ve used and also lets me top up if I’ve run out. There’s nothing worse than unexpected sticker shock at bill time so I thought that feature was quite handy!

You can purchase either a set amount of data (say, if you only plan to text and call for free on WhatsApp) or you can purchase unlimited. For my trip to Italy, I knew that I wanted to stay connected on Facebook, Email and Instagram so I opted for the unlimited data package, which starts at $7.99 per day.


Travel Bags, Necessities and Electronics for Your Europe Trip

Suitcase | If you’re visiting Europe for two weeks or less, I recommend bringing a rolling suitcase, just because I find it more comfortable to push luggage rather than carry on my back. I’ve reviewed all my favorite carry on luggage brands in this previous post here and am currently using my Delsey large suitcase and my Raden carry-on luggage for Italy.

Packing Cubes | I like to group clothing by color or function and pack each group of items snugly in their own packing cube. These are a lifesaver for keeping your suitcase organized in your hotel room and are my number 1 secret to maximizing space in just a carry on suitcase. I typically reserve one packing cube for all my worn clothes to separate the dirty stuff from my fresh clothes!

Amazon has their own inexpensive 4 piece packing cube set and several travel blogger friends swear by this set from eBags. Personally I use a set from CalPak which I love. They’re machine washable for easy cleaning and have a mesh panel so you can see easily what’s inside.

Toiletry Bottles | Optional, but I currently like these for shampoo and conditioner. I also pack extra ziplock bags to keep toiletries and wet clothes safely contained.

Portable Charger | Definitely a must! I currently use an iPhone 6S Plus and this Anker portable charger keeps my phone fully charged at all times. The charger is small and sleek enough to fully charge an iPhone twice. Anker has great customer service – I once bought a product off Amazon that ended up dying and they quickly sent me a replacement free of charge, so I highly recommend them!

Electric Converter | If you are international, you’ll need a US converter. Also pick up a travel sized power strip so you can charge your laptop, phone and everything in one go.



Photographing Your Europe Vacation: Camera Packing Checklist

Camera and Lenses | When traveling in Europe, I find myself photographing lots of architecture and food. My two go to lenses are both zooms, with one being the 24-70mm for portraits + food while the other is a 70-200mm for castles + far away buildings. For example, I was able to get great shots of German castles on the Rhine due to the zoom.

They’re both pretty heavy so I’m looking to find a lighter camera soon.. but for top quality photos, I still love the Canon 5D series. This is my go-to travel camera!

I also bring along a GoPro to capture any action like bike riding or swimming. I recommend the GoPro Hero5 Black because it takes sharp footage and has a camera LCD screen on the back. I used to use the GoPro 3 and never knew what I was taking because it didn’t have a screen – that was frustrating, to say the least.

Camera Accessories | Along with the camera, I recommend a spare battery, battery charger and extra SD and CF cards. The cold can make your device batteries drain faster so it’s helpful to bring along a spare battery on your person.

I shoot primarily with SD cards since you can insert them in your laptop to easily offload, but I keep all my cards in this wallet to keep them organized and easily reachable. This memory card case that I use fits both SD and CF cards and was under $7.

Lenovo Yoga Book | Recently, I’ve ditched my laptop in favor of this 10″ Lenovo Yoga Book for travel. It’s all white, super lightweight and very chic. The best part is its design friendly and can easily switch from a drawing bad surface to take notes/draw and a keyboard for typing. The keyboard is a lightscreen, so there’s no actual keys and grooves for dirt, dust, food, etc to get stuck in – perfect for travels in Europe!


So that’s my Europe packing checklist! Am I missing anything – what can’t you live without on your vacation?

Europe Vacation Checklist

  • Compare flight prices and timings on Skyscanner
  • Check accommodation availability and pricing on Booking.com
  • Book train tickets via Rail Europe
  • Get travel insurance for your Europe trip – get an immediate online quote with World Nomads, (Lonely Planet’s recommended choice for travel insurance!)
  • Stay connected on the go with data & free WhatsApp calls with KnowRoaming’s global SIM card. I love their service because the 1 sim card works globally and their phone app allows you to prepay credit and manage usage transparently, on the go.
  • My readers can get 50% off the purchase price of a KnowRoaming SIM card or SIM sticker plus an extra $5 account credit with code ‘SHERSAVE50


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