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Where to Stay in Lucerne


It’s hard to believe there are still hidden gems in a place like Western Europe, but, if there are, Lucerne, Switzerland, would be right at the top of that list.

Known as one of the most picturesque cities in an already gorgeous country, Lucerne is a fantastic city that has something for everyone. Adventurers are just minutes away from famed Swiss Alps peaks Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi, and historians will enjoy the city’s famed medieval architecture.

For those looking to be more relaxed on vacation, the strolls along Lake Lucerne or classically Swiss shopping will leave you looking for excuses to extend your stay.

For everything you need to know about our favorite places to stay in Lucerne, Switzerland, keep reading!




Best Hotels in Lucerne

To summarize, here’s a handy chart of our recommended Lucerne hotels. All include free wifi and are known for comfort, good location and great customer service.


Best Lucerne, Switzerland Hotels – Summary Comparison Chart

Name Location Best For Price
Hotel des Alpes Downtown Lucerne All Check rates: Booking.com 
Hotel Waldstatterhof Downtown Lucerne All Check rates: Booking.comHotels.com
Hotel Wilden Mann Downtown Lucerne Luxury Check rates: Booking.comHotels.com
CASCADA Hotel Downtown Lucerne All Check rates: Booking.comHotels.com
Chateau Guetsch Hill above Downtown Couples Check rates: Booking.comHotels.com

Below is more information about each hotel and why we recommend it!





Hotel des Alpes

Located in the heart of downtown Lucerne, the Hotel des Alpes puts guests in a building with quintessentially beautiful Swiss architecture right on the stunning river Reuss.

Rooms on the building’s façade also enjoy sweeping panoramic views of the river, greater Lucerne, and Mount Pilatus in the distance.


What makes this one of the best hotels in Lucerne?

Though the building itself is beautiful, the Hotel des Alpes stands alone for its enviable location in the center of pedestrian downtown Lucerne.

Many of Lucerne’s central attractions including the famed 14th century wooden chapel bridge, the dying lion monument, and numerous restaurants, shops, and boutiques are ALL within walking distance of the beautiful and perfectly located Hotel des Alpes.

Check rates: Booking.com

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Hotel Waldstatterhof

Just feet from the main train station in Lucerne, the Hotel Waldstatterhof blends a modern design with a historic location to provide one of the most unique hotel experiences available in Lucerne.

With six types of room sizes including two suite options, the Hotel Waldstatterhof makes the most of its limited space to provide lodging options that will suit travelers on all types of European vacations!


Why do we love this Lucerne hotel?

Though most of the great things to do and see in Lucerne speak for themselves, the Hotel Waldstatterhof is known for great packages to its guests that include transportation and tickets to some of Lucerne’s best spots.

Whether it’s a year-round event such as touring Lake Lucerne or one of the many events and festivals hosted in Lucerne each year, the Hotel Waldstatterhof will have you covered when it comes to being up-to-the-minute on everything happening in Lucerne during your stay!

Check rates: Booking.comHotels.com

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Hotel Wilden Mann

Originally a bar and tavern before converting to a hotel, the Hotel Wilden Mann is one of Switzerland’s most tradition-steeped locales, having been in continuous operation for exactly 500 years!

Because the facility has been consistently remodeled, renovated, and repurposed over that time, the present day Hotel Wilden Mann is in itself a twisting, turning, and simply gorgeous tour through the history of Lucerne, Switzerland.


Why should you stay here?

One might suppose that with 500 years to tweak and refine a hotel, the result would be pretty close to perfect. And in the case of Hotel Wilden Mann and its gorgeously crafted 48 guest rooms, one would suppose correctly!

Guests will truly feel like the king or queen of their own Swiss castle as each guest room is supplied with completely unique furniture and accessories, from beautifully stained wooden armoires to ornately embroidered curtains and linens!

Check rates: Booking.comHotels.com

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Conveniently located near many of Lucerne’s top attractions, the CASCADA hotel is a spunkily designed 66-room space that exudes a more modern pan-European feel than some of the more classically Swiss hotels on this list.

For a great example of the CASCADA’s unique personality, check out the paella cooking course at CASCADA’s own award-winning Bolero Restaurante!


What choose this luxury Lucerne hotel? 

More so than its funky design or activities, the CASCADA hotel is a great choice because it has one of the most enviably convenient locations in all of Lucerne.

With blue-chip Lucerne attractions such as the wooden chapel bridge, Lucerne Town Hall (built in the early 1600s), and the Loewenplatz (Lucerne’s famed town square), all just steps away, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained both inside and out of the CASCADA!

Check rates: Booking.comHotels.com

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Hotel Chateau Guetsch

With architecture inspired by the famed Bavarian castle Neuschwanstein, the Hotel Chateau Guetsch was originally built in 1888 by the architect Emil Vogt as a private residence with connecting hotel and dining facilities.

Nestled on a hilltop overlooking old town Lucerne, the Hotel Chateau Guetsch offers unrivaled views of Lucerne while still offering convenient trips to many of Lucerne’s main attractions.


What makes this one of Lucerne's best hotels? 

Corny as it may be, the views offered by the Hotel Chateau Guetsch are honestly reason enough to stay at this gorgeous facility. With breathtaking panoramic views of the Swiss Alps, the historic district, and Lake Lucerne, Chateau Guetsch will offer some of the best shots you could possibly find during your Swiss vacation.

Make sure you check out the terrace of Restaurant Chateau Guetsch to soak in the incredible views over a fantastic meal as well!

Check rates: Booking.comHotels.com

Read reviews: TripAdvisor




And that’s it! Our guide to Lucerne’s top hotels to make the most of your stay.

Whether you’re looking for ultra-luxurious comfort, the best location in town, or no-frills budget cheap hotels, these top Switzerland hotels are sure to please.




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