Wooly Pig Cafe

san francisco sf pulled pork sandwich lunch wooly pig cafe inner sunset food photo shershegoes.com1san francisco sf pulled pork sandwich lunch wooly pig cafe inner sunset food photo shershegoes.com1-2For lunch, I ordered the Wooly Pig sandwhich from The Wooly Pig cafe and it was delicious. Hot, marinated pork belly + crunchy argula + soft bread make for a great bite.

I actually stopped by the Wooly Pig cafe after searching for ‘lunch’ spots on Yelp near the map area that I was walking in. Whenever I’m in a new place, I rely pretty exclusively on Yelp to get food recommendations. I rarely plan dining spots in advance…whereas I’ll always map out sights and things to see pretty meticulously. Does anyone else do that or I am just not a foodie? I have to say, this lack of planning usually means I’m running around town all day sightseeing and then ravenously hungry because I haven’t scheduled a lunch or dinner break. Anyway, even though this cafe was pretty much the only option around for several blocks, it turned out to be really filling and a great choice. I’m constantly amazed at how great technology is and even more by the power of user reviews.

When travelling, what do you guys do to find a meal? Do you stop by the first place that catches your eye, rely on yelp in the moment or scour blogs and make reservations in advance? I would also love any San Francisco recommendations for the future – I know the city is well known for its foodie culture!


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  1. April 9, 2014 / 12:38 pm

    That looks delicious! I’ve never used Yelp for food recommendations when I’m traveling, but that’s a great idea! I usually find places online in advance or stop at the first place I see because I’m starving :)

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