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I’ve been taking fitness classes with Eilon since he taught at my old employer’s gym over 5 years ago. His classes are a high energy mix of cardio + boxing set to the BEST EDM mixes ever. It’s hard to narrow down exactly what makes a fitness class enjoyable and fun vs. “okay” and I think Tribox really nails it.

It’s challenging and fast paced but at the same time not too difficult and always motivating. The music playlist especially, really helps. Every time I’m exhausted and think my legs will go out from underneath me, Eilon’s custom mash-up switches a beat and suddenly I have energy again. But how is Tri-box Fitness?




Classpass Class Description

Tri-box fitness routines combine elements of kickboxing (no gloves necessary) with one-of-a kind athletic drills inspired by owner Eilon’s naval and professional boxing training.


Class Structure / What that Really Means…

Tri-box Fitness currently shares studio space with The Ball, a dance studio. The room itself is long and narrow and during class time, feels just like a club with the main lights down, glow lights up and amazing music. It feels a bit like Soul Cycle without the cultish aspect.

The class always starts up with a quick lunge and stretch warm-up. Then it gets into some legwork. My favorite part is when we use light dumbbells (2-3 lbs) and air box. I absolutely love how well this tones my arms and legs! I naturally have toothpick skinny arms with zero definition but after a couple dedicated sessions of Tribox, the results are seriously amazing. I’ve even had friends comment and ask what I do to work them out.

The boxing sequence starts off slow and easy (straight punches and jabs) and then progresses into faster and longer sequences (punches, jabs, ducking, hooks and movements right / left / front / back). Sometimes there’s kickboxing involved as well, which I love. I actually wish the boxing sequence got even more complicated and intense because it is so effective at toning your entire body – arms, thighs, butt and abs.

This class is NOT a formulaic mix of the usual squats, burpees, pushups and personally, I love that. I figure I can always do those at home by myself with Kayla’s BBG. Tri-box fitness is also a high-energy class so forget about water breaks. Instead, get into the habit of practicing an “active recovery” by cooling your body down with jumping jacks or squats. Love it!

At the end there’s usually a 10 min core workout as well which is always very challening.




I would rate Tri-box fitness as an intense class. It’s 45 minutes of nonstop activity featuring great cardio and amazing music. I really enjoy it because the class goes by so quickly and always leaves me wanting more. I’m usually drenched at the end too! There’s a heavy emphasis on cardio and I’d say 90% of Eilon’s workout targets the difficult to tone booty and thigh area while the light boxing lends some serious muscle definition to the triceps. Try Tri-box Fitness for just 3-4 sessions and you’ll definitely see an immediate difference in your body. 

I love how boxing takes out all my energy and any stress in my body. My favorite time to do the class is on a Tuesday or Thursday after work where I can stare at my reflection in the mirrors and just imagine my punches pummeling away any stress. It’s a great therapeutic exercise ha.


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UPDATE: Unfortunately, Tri-box Fitness is shutting down. In the meantime, get your athletic conditioning fix at Equinox. The Athletic Conditioning class is very similar to tri-box, but there are no weighted boxing moves (unfortunately! that’s my favorite part…) There’s lots of leg and thigh movements to get your heart rate up and the booty tight though.


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