Visiting Ireland Quick Guide:

Currency: Euro

Major Airports: Dublin, Shannon, Cork and Belfast

Power outlets: Electric supply in Ireland is 230v and uses the three pronged formation as plugs in the United Kingdom. Instead of worrying about the right plug, get a universal travel charger here.

Language: The main language in Ireland is English but there are small pockets throughout the country where Gaelic remains the predominant language (known as the gaeltacht regions)

Major cities in Ireland: Dublin, KilkennyWaterford, Wexford, Cork, Galway, Killarney and Limerick



When Is the Best Time to Visit Ireland?

Ireland has the most beautiful weather in summer, during June, July and August. The days are long (daylight can linger past midnight) but of course, crowds are everywhere.

I personally try to avoid spending the summer in Europe during peak periods and prefer the shoulder season, in spring and fall.

We visited Ireland in October. On the plus side, everything is cheaper from airfare to hotels to car rentals. We snagged an amazing flight deal from Aer Lingus for just over $400 roundtrip. On the flip side, the weather alternated between beautiful and miserable and we were in the country when Hurricane Ophelia made a pit stop.



What to Pack for Ireland

“In Ireland there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”

That quote was told to us many times by chuckling Irish locals! Irish weather is notoriously unpredictable and the weather apps weren’t too accurate. Expect shifting temperatures, even in one day, and pack lots of waterproof layers.

Even Irish summers can be graced with strong wind and rain showers! In general, you can expect more rain on the western side of Ireland while southeastern counties Wexford and Waterford are nicknamed the ‘Sunny Southeast’. We visited Ireland’s Ancient East before heading to the Western coast so when at first when we arrived in Wexford I didn’t quite understand the sunny moniker… until I went to Connemara!

A local also suggested that if you want to loop around Ireland, you start southward from Dublin going east then west. Supposedly this way you can catch a good spell of weather and ride it all the way up north – I’m not sure if it’s true but that’s what I heard!

Anyway, the rain doesn’t seem to bother the Irish so don’t let it spoil your vacation. Just pack a solid waterproof jacket like this one and a compact travel umbrella. You can check out my post herefor additional packing advice for what to wear on your trip to Ireland.


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