Marcus Wareing @ the Berkeley

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I am a huge fan of the Food Network and its cult classics Iron Chef America, The Next Iron Chef, Masterchef and of course, the irascible Gordon Ramsay and his explosive Hell’s Kitchen. A recent discovery though, was an old 5-part miniseries from 1999 that chronicles Chef Ramsay’s early years. Boiling Point follows him through his first restaurant opening in Chelsea and chronicles his determination to earn the rare three Michelin Stars. It’s a great introduction to him as a chef and offers a peak into how tightly run the back of a restaurant is. If you’re interested, the series is up on youtube here.

Boiling Point also features a young Marcus Wareing, who had a long standing partnership with Gordon Ramsay and is himself now also a celebrity chef. While in London, we made a reservation for lunch at the  Berkeley Hotel to try out his eponymous restaurant. We tried the beef onglet and sardines as appetizers, followed by the cod and steak for mains. The food was presented beautifully but a warning, the restaurant ambiance is definitely that of a a business lunchtime crowd and very British uppercust – aka a tad too stuffy for my taste! The iphone shots above were very surreptitiously squeezed in.



  1. Hanh
    November 12, 2014 / 11:04 am

    Hi Sher! I’ve come across your blog from the lovely Joyce (C&C) and your photography is really beautiful.

    I’m super jealous of all your travel posts hehe, I like your London posts as that’s where I live but also Thailand as that is one of my favourite holiday destinations I’ve been to recently :)

    • Sher
      November 12, 2014 / 1:28 pm

      Hey Hanh, thanks for stopping by! Ooh I’m jealous you’re in London!! It’s such a great city. Ha and funny enough, Thailand had tons of brits there on holiday. I can see why now, it’s such a great retreat!

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