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Mother’s Day was last weekend (call your Moms now if you’ve forgotten…it’s late, but not too late), and I always love using this particular holiday to review some of my favorite brands for gift-giving (gifts for both others, and for myself!!).

It seems that, while doing this periodic gift-giving updates, I always end up circling back to L’Occitane en Provence.

For starters, the range of skincare, fragrance, and other personal care products made by L’Occitane always represents the epitome of luxury.

I also love the fact that the L’Occitane product suite covers a wide range of price points and sizes, meaning that a variety of budgets (and carry-on regulations!) can still make you feel like a pro gift giver.

So, you can imagine my delight last week when, once I started perusing the L’Occitane website, I saw its new “Fruity Lips and Face Masks” collection.

Here are 3 products from the new L’Occitane collection I can’t wait to try out!






3-in-1 Delicious Multi-Balm

Remember as a kid when you would get those cherry cola or cream soda flavored lip balms? And they smelled so much like the real thing you wanted to eat it right away, convinced it was candy?

Well, the 3-in-1 Delicious Multi-Balm from L’Occitane is almost like that. You can consider it the adult lip balm version of the products from those fond childhood memories, I suppose.

As its name suggests, the 3-in-1 Multi-Balm can be used as a primer to prepare for lipstick, as a generic moisturizer that has a relatively limited (up to 4 hours) but still rich moisturizing effect, and as an overnight mask to pamper your lips overnight!



L’Occitane Fruity Perfecting Balm

Nothing quite mixes style, substance and, yes, science quite like the new Fruity Perfecting Balm from L’Occitane.

From a style perspective, the Fruity Perfecting Balm comes in bright colors that help accentuate your natural lip color. The balm also comes with a natural plumping effect, helping the substance of your lips remain full and beautiful.

Finally, the fruity perfecting balm actually changes color based on the pH-level of your skin, assuming that your lips are in complete harmony with the rest of your body!




L’Occitane Purifying Mask

A lot of brands probably have something very similar in name to this “purifying mask”, but let me assure you, I highly doubt it’s very similar in any other way.

First of all, the purifying mask is largely made with freshly-cut organic thyme straight from Provence (how’s that for provenance!). This creates a very smooth puree that has the 2 primary benefits of 1) avoiding that sticky feeling commonly caused by so many other masks and 2) immediately absorbing any excess oil for a smooth, matte finish.

Not to be outdone, the purifying mask also sprinkles in some natural olive leaf powder, which gently exfoliates skin and promises that you will look rejuvenated, fresh, and ready to take on the world after each use!


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