Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


How did you come up with Sher She Goes?

I surprisingly get this question a lot haha and I wanted to a) use a nickname and b) have it relate to travel but not be 100% solely focused on travel. I thought ‘sher she goes' seemed catchy :)


Do you have tips for starting a blog?

Starting a blog is the hardest part. You might feel like you're not “ready” enough or that your photography isn't “good” enough but don't think about it and just start. When I look back at some of my earliest posts I definitely cringe but you'll never improve if you don't even start.

Once you've made the decision, I recommend buying your own domain and self-hosting your blog, ie. vs. or A self hosted blog conveys professionalism and allows you to customize your site to its fullest and even add advertising, should you eventually wish to.

It's much more difficult to start on a shared platform and then switch a couple months in than to start initially on the right platform. I'm definitely technology challenged so I'm so glad I took the time to set my site up properly from the beginning.


Web Hosting

I used Bluehost web hosting for the first 3 years of my site. It's great for beginner bloggers because they offer really cheap hosting rates (right now you can get 36 months for $2.95 a month here) when you're not quite sure how long you'll blog for.

Another popular affordable hosting company is GoDaddy. GoDaddy's claim to fame is that they're the world's largest domain registrar and offer “.com” domains for as low as $0.99. They also offer “.nyc” domains should you wish something local. You can learn more about GoDaddy hosting and domains here.

Once your site starts getting significant traffic, shared servers under Bluehost and GoDaddy can't keep up with the bandwidth increase.

Currently, I use a managed host. This is much more expensive so if you're just starting out go with something inexpensive. 


Additional Resources

  • Media Kit – I use Etsy for beautiful media kit templates that look professional and are quite affordable. High quality media kits are anywhere from $10 – 30 and really well designed, especially if you're not savvy with Photoshop or InDesign.


What camera and equipment do you use?

You can find all my current gear here.


What camera gear do you recommend?

I get a lot of questions about what DSLR to invest in. For beginners, I would recommend just using your iPhone or camera phone – phone camera quality is really incredible nowadays and it's so much lighter and more convenient to just tote around your phone.


DSLR Recommendation

For a serious enthusiast beginner looking to invest in a DSLR, my pick would be the Canon 6D, which is quite similar to the Mark III but is about $1,000 cheaper, lighter and comes with wifi capability. Just buy the ‘Body Only' option.

Then I'd pair it with a 50mm 1.8 lens (together that will run you ~$925). Everyone says the body is less important than the lens but honestly I think the camera body plays a big role in teaching you the mechanics behind great photography – you need to have enough focal points to take tack sharp photos, a good ISO range that can push the higher end. Wifi capabilities and a sharp sensor help.

I'd choose a strong body and an inexpensive lens to start, because you'll always be buying new lenses for different types of situations (close ups of nature, family portraits, landscapes, etc) but it's quite expensive to buy multiple camera bodies.


Lens Recommendations

Portrait shots: I like the 50mm and 85mm for portrait shots,

All Around Travel: the 24-70mm is a zoom lens I bring on my trips which is equally great for farther away architecture and close up food or portrait shots (although beware, this + the Mark III is a heavy combination)

Safari and Zoom: the 70-200mm gives amazing bokeh and zoom flexibility on lifestyle, portrait and travel photography. I brought this with me on my first safari trip to South Africa and it was perfect for 80% of the shots. For animals a little farther away, I added on these extension tubes to get a little more zoom. Longer distance zooms are a little too pricey for me at the moment but I'd love to go back to Africa eventually when I have a bigger budget!

Landscape shots: this is my favorite affordable wide angle lens good for mountains, lakes and hiking trips.


I'm visiting NYC!


What should I see / do / eat while I'm here?

Sure, when I first graduated I lived in a tiny dark apartment and spent all my weekends outside exploring different coffee shops and neighborhoods. I've put together a NYC Coffee Guide with a list of some of my favorites.

If it's your first time visiting, here are all the best NYC museums to see – the obvious favorites like the Met but also some smaller ones that might not be on your radar.

And of course, the Food Guide. I have some individual posts on various restaurants and brunch spots in my NYC category but here is a smaller post on just acai bowl spots. I'm obsessed with a good breakfast bowl!

If there's a guide you'd like to see, feel free to tweet me!


Where Else Can I Follow You / Get In Touch?

I’m on Instagram (@shershegoes), Facebook (@shershegoes), Twitter (@shershegoes), Pinterest (@shershegoes) and Youtube (Sher She Goes).

I would absolutely love for you to follow/subscribe and say hi :)

If you have a question, the fastest way to get in touch is to tweet me or send me a DM on Instagram!