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The British Museum

The British Museum The British Museum is probably most known for its Egyptian wing, which spans seven permanent galleries including its largest exhibition space room 4. Highlights include the Rosetta stone, colossal bust of Ramesses II and limestone bust of Amenhotep III, along with countless other mummies and sarcophagi. Despite its massive size, the British […]


All Aboard the Holiday Train

Here’s a quick NYC post in between all the London pics. If you’re in town on a Sunday, take a ride aboard the vintage MTA holiday train which runs between 2nd avenue and queens plaza. It’s a perfectly festive ride for anyone headed to the holiday market shops in Bryant Park!


Tate Modern, London

A sampling of exhibits from the Tate Modern gallery in London. I thought the Meschac Gaba African section was especially interesting and had fun snapping a selfie in the blurry mirror. Additionally, you might remember a similar Egyptian queen heads piece at the Brooklyn Museum…