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Tuileries Picnic Lunch with Paul

Got hungry after walking around the Louvre and amazingly, there was a food cart of the Paul french bakery chain outside the museum grounds. I am a huge fan of Paul’s lunch special set (their pastries are amazing and the sandwiches hearty) so we picked up some quiches, baguettes and croissants for an impromptu picnic […]


The Louvre

The Louvre is one of those museums that, even though you know you’ll never make it through the entire thing, you still go if only to peak inside. The museum is massive, housed in the Palais du Louvre (once the former fortress of kings until Louis XIV chose to relocate the monarchy seat to Versailles) and […]


The British Museum

The British Museum The British Museum is probably most known for its Egyptian wing, which spans seven permanent galleries including its largest exhibition space room 4. Highlights include the Rosetta stone, colossal bust of Ramesses II and limestone bust of Amenhotep III, along with countless other mummies and sarcophagi. Despite its massive size, the British […]