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The Wayfarer

We sat down to a delicious seafood meal at the Wayfarer one friday night. The restaurant is in midtown just south of central park, and has a magnificent bar and quite a lot of seating. I imagine the place is filled with business lunches during the day, but on a friday evening was quite quiet…



I’m always down for some comforting Italian so I went with my family to L’artusi a couple weeks ago. The menu had so many things that looked good, that we ordered a number of small plates to share. My favorites were the mushrooms, octopus and beet raviolis! The dessert was delicious too – a mix of…


A Day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Meet you at the Temple of Dendur”. You’d think I was in a foreign country, but no, just the Met. As a child on school field trips, the Egyptian wing of the museum and the wide, open area called the Temple of Dendur was a huge favorite. It’s been years since those days but I…


The Philip Johnson Glass House

I had a great time exploring New Canaan on a sunny weekend in July. All the greenery! It was such a nice change from the city that I went a little picture crazy. If you’re at all interested in architecture, head up to Connecticut for a tour of Philip Johnson’s summer home. I had no…


An Sunday at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg Market

Some photos from a quick trip to the Sunday Smorgasburg market. If you’re new to NYC, Smorgas is a weekend only flea and food market hosted in Brooklyn. On Saturdays, head to hipster zen Williamsburg, on Sundays go to Pier 5 near the Brooklyn Bridge. The vendor list is extensive, featuring everything from lobster rolls…