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tatcha japanese geisha beauty skin care japan skincare cosmetic photo shershegoes.com (2)Since I’m in the midst of sharing pictures from my trip to Japan, I thought I’d share a recent Japanese skincare find: Tatcha Beauty. My friends know that I am obsessed with great skin, regularly slather on bucket loads of sunscreen and spend probably a little more than necessary on buttery night creams. I recently signed up for Equinox and the best thing about joining the gym has been the post workout steam room. I take three generous pumps of kiehl’s body butter lotion, take a seat in the steam and slather on a thick layer all over my face. The result? Fresh, dewy and hydrated skin along with a post-workout high. Since then, I’ve definitely noticed a huge improvement in my skin (especially in this current polar vortex of wind and biting chill) and gladly suffer through Equinox’s hefty membership fees for the steam room luxury alone! While I think I’ve got my beauty regime perfected, I’m always on the lookout for new products to try. After finding a spread on Tatcha beauty in a magazine, I was intrigued by its concept: combining beauty principles outlined in a 200-year old Japanese geisha beauty manuscript with modern day science. At first, it sounded gimicky – but I’m a huge fan of Japanese skincare and sunscreen products and Tatcha muse Kyoka-san’s bare skin really does look pretty good.

sher she goessher she goessher she goesOut of all the products available, I’m most fascinated by the new Tatcha Indigo line.

Distinctive in color, Indigo has long been regarded for its deeply soothing and restorative powers. During the Edo Period, Japan’s noble samurai wore a layer of Indigo-dyed cotton beneath their armor to help heal injuries; in Japan, the color is often referred to as “Samurai Blue.” The stems, leaves and petals of the Indigo plant are steeped in water and fermented to make a concentrated botanical extract. Significant scientific research shows that Indigo is remarkably effective at relieving symptoms of those suffering from conditions such as dermatitis, and may be used in place of steroids and other prescription treatments.

tatcha japanese geisha beauty skin care japan skincare cosmetic indigo line body kyoka-san photo shershegoes.com (3)The body butter sounds particularly restorative and heavenly. I’m also curious if it’ll give the wearer a smurf-tint vibe?

For more on Tatcha’s founder and CEO, check out this interview via Feather Factor. (All images via Tatcha)

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