Life in NYC Amid Coronavirus: Stop and Smell the Cherry Trees

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Quarantine Week 3

Happy Monday!

If I'm keeping track of time correctly, we just wrapped our third week in New York City at home. 

It's been a weird time to say the least. Routines which used to be normal are now a big deal. Last week was mostly a pity part for myself if I'm being honest.

The one thing saving me?




For now, socially distant walks are still allowed and they've been a lifesaver.

One day I took a longish walk along the West Side Highway and there were tons of people out. I guess everyone was hoping to get a glimpse of the USNS Comfort. It's blocked off from view though, which makes sense. 

A couple days later, I walked through Central Park and accidentally stumbled on the Field Hospital. It was surreal to see, although I didn't get too close. For some reason I expected it to be set up on the Great Lawn, but it's right across one of the major hospitals here, which again duh. My mind isn't working right in all of this. 

It's also so crazy how much can change in a matter of days.




My side project for the week was putting together this little video. Despite how negative the news is and how dire the circumstances, the one uplifting thing right now is how beautiful the weather is.

New York City has a shorter and shorter spring season each year, if any at all, but 2020 has been gorgeous. The birds are chirping, the pigeons are doing their mating dances on my windowsill and the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom.

So instead of recapping all the things that have me down and annoyed, here's my little video of spring in the city :)



Cherry Blossoms in New York City

quarantine in nyc week 3: spring has sprung

spring has arrived to nyc. the cherry blossoms are in bloom! a little bit of positive cheer in a dark time.. (play with the music on)

Posted by Sher She Goes on Monday, April 6, 2020




Making a DIY Face Mask

It's also become official guidance that we should wear gloves and masks when out walking.

If you're like me and don't have a sewing machine or know how to sew, you can still make a DIY face mask out of old scarves, bandanas or tee shirts and some hair ties. Here's a great video that demonstrates it. 

Cloth masks won't prevent you from catching it, so it's still advised to stay home as much as possible. But for a quick grocery store run or light walk, it's better than nothing. 


How are you doing? 


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Thanks! The beauty of nature delights.

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