How to Get Smarter Effortlessly: 3 Podcasts I’m Loving




How to Get Smarter Effortlessly: 3 Podcasts I’m Loving


Happy snow day! I figured today’s day in would be a perfect day to talk about one of my current obsessions: podcasts. I still read (see last month’s favorite book post here) but it’s definitely difficult to find time to squeeze in a book session as I find myself getting distracted by my phone often. It’s also totally unpractical to lug around a book or kindle on my morning commute. Instead, podcasts have become my new jam and even replaced music for me during the workday!

I particularly like motivational and industry podcasts where I walk away learning something. Here are 3 of my favorites:


1 | The GaryVee Audio Experience

I’ve mentioned Gary Vee before in this post. He’s a marketer and businessman entrenched in social media. After growing his family’s wine business via youtube, he now has his own media firm, Vayner Media, that specializes in social media management.

The GaryVee podcast is a combination of his interviews and speaking engagements (he’s a very prolific public speaker) and his #AskGaryVee segment where readers can call in with questions that he’ll answer live.

He also has a youtube channel with daily episodes but I prefer the podcast. I will say that he’s not for everyone as he’s quite blunt and outspoken and after a couple episodes you’ll likely get his gist. That being said, I still pop in for a listen once a week because his blunt talk is very motivating! If you enjoy fitness classes with drill sergeant instructors, you’ll enjoy Gary Vee.

Recommended episodes: How to Side Hustle Ourside of Your 9 to 5 and #AskGaryVee 238 | Jewel, NEver Broken, Mental Health, Staying Happy & the Future of Music


2 | The Glossy Podcast

This podcast is for all the fashion and retail lovers, as it profiles CPG companies with insight into their strategy, marketing and logistical operations. Most frequently, it takes a bit of an “outsider against the world” tone by profiling company executives who challenge “outdated” thoughts and practices in fashion. Past episodes have included Rebecca Taylor, Rent the Runway’s Jennifer Hyman and Glossier’s Ali Weiss.

Recommended episodes: A Reckoning Is Coming interviewing Rebecca Minkoff’s Uri Minkoff and Retailers Like to Stick With What They Know with Third Love CEO Heidi Zak


3 | Million$: Women Entrepreneurs Talk Money

There are so many “superstar” start up companies but I’m always more curious about the journey leading up to success. Millions focuses specifically on interviewing women entrepreneurs on their fundraising journey and is an interesting exploration of female-specific career challenges and the VC fundraising experience. The podcast is relatively recent, having started in the summer of 2016 and there are only a couple episodes so you’ll be able to catch up to this one easily!

Recommended episodes: In the Bag interviewing Dagne Dover’s founder Melissa Mash and Movie Star Mogul featuring the Honest Company’s founder, Jessica Alba


Google Chromecast Audio

To listen to podcasts, I downloaded the TuneIn app on iPhone and then stream the audio to my speakers with Google Chromecast Audio. The device is small and nifty and casts through your home wifi network to easily stream sound. I also set up multi-room, which means that if I go to the kitchen for a snack, grab a hair tie from the bedroom, etc all the speakers throughout the apartment will sync and stream the same sound.

You can also stream audio from iTunes on your laptop by casting from your browser! One last handy feature (I haven’t tried this myself yet) you can stream from an Android phone or tablet and also guest stream.

So if friends come over and want to play their latest favorite song, the Google Chromecast Audio enables friends to guest cast to your speaker without having to first connect to your wifi. I’m not the only one with a giberrishly long wifi password right?


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SakuraMarch 14, 2017 - 5:43 pm

oh the snow, I have to say though it’s kind of been a nice break! stay warm.

JenMarch 15, 2017 - 2:23 pm

I’m totally going to hear some of this podcast, thanks for sharing! ♥

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