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Equinox Tabata Class Review

  Equinox Class Review   Equinox Tabata Equinox Tabata is a popular class focused on high intensity interval training (HIIT). It’s a great full-body class, available at pretty much every Equinox location and always features different exercises and equipment from week to week! Tabata covers all the basics: push ups, lunges, squats and incorporates body bars, sandbells, free weights and your […]


Equinox Shockwave Class Review

  Equinox Review   Equinox Shockwave is one of my favorite classes and a regular in my workout routine. The class centers on the rowing machine as the basis for a full body workout (arms, legs, core) and is station based, so the entire class rotates clockwise in groups, from station to station.  You’ll recognize the […]