February Favorites


February 2019

Since February is such a short month, I don’t have all that much to recap, so instead I have some recent favorites to share! It’s scary how quickly the year goes by. We’re already in March! 



Romance is a Bonus Book: This is a kdrama. It’s kind of cute, basically a newly divorced housewife tries to go back to work and ends up falling in love with her younger guy friend. The only thing I don’t like is that Netflix drips out a new episode a week – just give it to me all at once!!

Mossad: I’ve been on a history kick lately. This short documentary covers the formation and key events of Israel’s secret service from former operatives. It’s pretty fascinating to watch people talk about hit jobs and remorse, or lack thereof.

Rebellion: This Irish series is historical fiction, with Season 1 covering the events leading up to the Easter Rebellion. The UK ruled Ireland until the mid 1900s and Rebellion is an Irish series focusing on the birth of modern day Ireland. It’s a little clunky to be honest, but I’m still giving Season 2 a go.



U Up? This is a guy/girl dating podcast, started by the founder of Betches. It’s very entertaining and gives you a guys vs girls perspective on dating in today’s world. 

Girls Gotta Eat: I like this one even more than U Up. It’s co-hosted by two girls, one is a comedien but both are very funny. Covers lots of NYC, dating, life lessons. Definitely check this out!






Dianxi Xiaoge: My cousin recommended this channel to me and it’s so interesting. This Chinese girl living in remote Yunnan makes some of the most soothing, cinematic food videos I’ve ever seen. I started with this video, about making a Chinese New Year meal, and descended into a rabbit hole of video after video! If you turn on captions, the videos will be transcribed in English.

Li Zi Qi: From her, I discovered Li Zi Qi, who I think was the original Chinese girl to popularize these romantic countryside videos. She lives in Sichuan and is a jack of all trades. Some of my favorite episodes: harvesting silkworms to make a silk pj and quilt set, building furniture from bamboo and making a Chinese version of kimchi.

Outdoor Chef Life: This California chef likes to forage and create ‘gourmet’ looking food right in the outdoors. This particular episode is really fascinating – he takes “sand crabs” (they look disgusting to me) and transforms them into some pretty good looking sushi.


And while you’re on Youtube, why not subscribe to my channel? :) We have our first vlog up… and I’m working on editing more footage from past trips soon! Video is SO hard. 





Let me know some of your favorites! I’m always looking for new books, movies, & beauty products


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