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Spending the Perfect 3 Days in Granada, Spain

Granada is one of the most famous towns in Southern Spain and a must stop on any Andalusian itinerary, if only to visit the Alhambra palace. We did a loop through Southern Spain from west to east and saved Granada for last. Logistically, this made the most sense and also heightened our anticipation at each stop along […]


Know Before You Buy: Alhambra Tickets for Granada, Spain

Essential Tips for Booking Alhambra Tickets The Alhambra is the essential sight in Southern Spain. You know, the one on every guidebook cover, the one all your friends rave about, the one Rick Steve recommends… well you get the point. What you might not realize is that the attraction is so popular that visitors are limited to just […]


Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque of Sarajevo, Bosnia

Sarajevo in 48 Hours From Zagreb, I took a detour to Bosnia’s capital city of Sarajevo, a city I was only vaguely familiar with from high school history class as the site of the outbreak of WWI.  The city has a checkered past, and was besieged again in the 1990s but today is vibrant and […]