Don’t be a “Cube Noob”: These are the Best Packing Cubes in 2019!

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Best Packing Cubes for Travel

Remember the good ole’ days, when a decent suitcase meant a non-collapsible handle and two wheels that could only move in one direction?

I don’t either, because those days were dark and full of terrors.

Today, suitcases feature everything from handles that lock in multiple positions and four wheels that move in all directions. A similar renaissance has impacted how we pack what’s inside these suitcases, namely in the explosion of compression bags and packing cubes.

Both vessels have their benefits and limitations, but I lean toward packing cubes – compared to compression bags, cubes offer easier access to clothes, better organization for suitcases, and – crucially – fewer creases in your clothing.

Keep reading for the best travel packing cubes!


The Best Packing Cubes and Compression Pouches for Travel


The Best Packing Cubes 2019




1. Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Set

Besides being crafted by a packing industry leader, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Set is one of the best 3 piece packing cubes for travel because it offers the best of both cubes and compression bags.

The Eagle Creek’s rectangular cubes yield a neatly organized suitcase, and there’s also a compression zip running around each cube in case excess volume needs to be consolidated.

Like many of the best packing cubes for travel, the Eagle Creek set is made from durable rip-stop fabric, which ensures one puncture doesn’t cause a tear throughout the entire thread.

Each cube also contains a mesh-lined section, which is great for breath-ability and quickly locating certain luggage items!

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Set

Available on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here


2. eBags Packing Cubes Set

Along with the Eagle Creek cube set featured above, the eBags Packing Cubes Set is considered the industry standard bearer – and with good reason.

Like Eagle Creek, the eBags 3 piece packing cube set comes with rectangular packing cubes that conveniently stack in your suitcase but also offer compressibility when there’s excess volume.

Some people believe the eBags’ nylon fabric looks and feels cheaper than that of Eagle Creek, but eBags customers appreciate the favorable weight and wider color selection.

Additionally, eBags offers one of the best packing cubes for travel due to its innovative spring-loaded frame, which preserves its upright and stackable shape – even when the cubes are less than full!

eBags Packing Cubes Set

Available on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here


3. Compression Travel Pouches

Listing 4 cubes at a similar price to many 3 piece sets, the PRO Packing Cubes offer unbeatable value. With 17 bright color options, the PRO Packing Cubes also feature the widest ability to showcase your style and personality.

Though the PRO Packing Cubes’ value and aesthetic are impressive, don’t think this comes at the expense of performance.

Like the set from eBags, the PRO Packing Cube set offers spring-loaded frames that can consolidate by 30%, which allows your suitcase to include everything you could possibly need while still staying organized.

Made with durable rip-stop nylon and outfitted with best-in-class YKK zippers (given how often the best packing cubes for travel are opened and reopened, having premium zippers helps!), the PRO Packing Cubes are one of the most well-rounded sets on the market.

PRO Packing Cubes Travel Organizers

Available on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here



4. Medium Packing Cubes (4 Pieces)

This 4-piece packing cube set takes a slightly unorthodox design approach, so figuring out whether this set is for you depends on your typical travel preferences.

Like all the best packing cubes for travel, the Dot & Dot offers ultralight and durable nylon fabric, meshed sections for visibility and hassle-free airport security screens, and a sturdy rectangular construction to keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free.

Whereas most sets will include different-sized cubes, the Dot & Dot set comes with 4 equally-sized cubes.

While efficient packers might be pining for a smaller-sized cube, the Dot & Dot is perfect for travelers who address vacations by packing everything now and praying it fits later (like me!).

Additionally, the Dot & Dot distinguishes itself by printing each cube in a different color, which makes it that much easier to sort through your luggage!

Dot & Dot Packing Cubes for Travel

Sold on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here


5. Bago Travel Packing Cubes

In many ways, the Bago Travel Packing Cube 4 Piece Set blends the best aspects of traditional (Eagle Creek) and unique (Dot & Dot) packing cubes.

Featuring two medium and two large cubes, the Bago set reduces the risk of wasted space and overstuffed cubes by intuitively organizing your large and small items.

All four of the Bago cubes are different colors, which helps with organization and remembering where articles are located. Though the Bago gets solid performance and reliability reviews, the details are more of a mixed bag (or mixed cube?).

Among the best packing cubes for travel, the Bago seams are considered less strong (just be wary of overstuffing!) while its mesh, zippers, and rip-stop nylon fabric compare favorably!

Bago Travel Packing Cubes

Available on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here


6. Amazon Basics Packing Cube Set

The Amazon Basics 4 piece set isn’t flashy but, like seemingly everything from Amazon, it gets the job done at a bargain price.

All 4 packing cubes from Amazon’s new private label have different volumes, ranging from 196 to 725 cubic inches.

The mesh tops, double-zippered design, and polyester construction are reminiscent of the best packing cubes for travel, but a few customers have questioned the long-term durability of the Amazon Basics set.

If you’re a travel junkie and see yourself using packing cubes often, it could be worth paying more for cubes with a longer performance history. However, if you like packing cubes but only travel occasionally, the Amazon Basics set is plenty capable!

Amazon Basics 4 Piece Packing Cube Set

Available on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here




7. Peak Design

And last but not least, Peak Design's packing cubes

We discovered travel brand Peak Design a couple months ago and haven't stopped using their stuff since. Their packing cubes are the most functional and well thought out of any brand we've tried. If you travel frequently, you'll love these. 

First, Peak Design packing cubes come in two sizes, small and medium. The system is built on “units”, where 2 smalls equal the size of 1 medium.

We like to use the small for socks and undies while our regular clothes go in the medium. For a carry on backpack, expect to fit 1 medium packing cube, 2 small packing cubes, a shoe bag and toiletry bag. Talk about an impressive use of limited space!

The packing cubes themselves are made from a lightweight, yet strong nylon that's both abrasion resistant and compressible.

Two tabs with smooth zippers allow you to tear open the bag easily and quickly, so you never have to fumble to get your things.

A divider and back pocket lets you separate your clothes with the clean one 1 side and the dirty on the other. The most impressive function? The roomy interior and compression function!

You could throw in a bulky jacket into the fully expanded medium cube, then compress the bag down to its standard size! For over packers like us, these Peak Design cubes are fantastic!

We only wish they came in more colors…

Peak Design Packing Cubes

Sold on Amazon & Peak Design

Check current price and read more reviews here


The Best Travel Packing Cubes 2019 – Summary Comparison Chart

To summarize, here's a chart summarizing the best packing cubes for all suitcases.



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