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Hi there!

I’m a self-taught photographer with a serious case of wanderlust and a love of fashion. I started Sher She Goes in 2012 as an online diary chronically life in NYC and travels abroad. In my spare time, you can probably find me tinkering with this site or planning my next adventure.

xx. Sher


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For answers to my most frequently asked questions, you can check out my FAQ here.

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For trip planning advice… you can check out my itineraries where I list out logistical information, recommended hotels and flesh out lists of all the top things to do in each area. For fashion related travel advice and what to wear in x country, I have a packing guide series here.

I don’t travel full time – frankly that would be too exhausting for me and I love living in New York City.

Looking to visit NYC? I have a couple posts on life in the city, restaurant picks and visitor guides like the best local museums and coffee shops and a neighborhood guide for place to stay.

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“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
― Marc Riboud