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Hi there!

I’m a self-taught photographer with a serious case of wanderlust and a love of fashion. I started Sher She Goes after graduating college, as an online diary chronically life in NYC and my travels. In my spare time, you can probably find me tinkering with this site or dream planning my next adventure.

xx. Sher


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About the Blog

Sher She Goes spans my two favorite past times: travel and style.

On my travel section, you’ll find tips on planning your dream getaway, whether its a quick weekend getaway to New Orleans or a full fledged journey to Thailand. I work full time in NYC and have pretty limited vacation days so I’m a big believer in itinerary planning before you go – I want to maximize every minute of my vacation!

For personal style, I organize my outfit photos by season (fall, winter, spring, summer). I’ll have some corporate office looks up soon! Most recently, I’ve branched out into writing about interiors (a longtime obsession), food (because who doesn’t like to eat) and beauty (I’m obssessed with skincare but not a big makeup user).



For trip planning advice… you can check out my itineraries where I list out logistical information, recommended hotels and flesh out lists of all the top things to do in each area.

I don’t travel full time – frankly that would be too exhausting for me and I love living in New York City.

Looking to visit NYC? I have a couple posts on life in the city, restaurant picks and visitor guides like the best local museums and coffee shops and am hoping to write more on this soon.


And lastly.. my style of travel:

For me personally, I like to explore off the beaten path and always make it a point to visit cultural highlights but I’m by no means a die hard adventure traveler. I focus primarily on can’t miss sights, good food and unique spots on this site and I love, love, love photography so you can guarantee I try to document everything on camera.

I also prefer to travel comfortably so you won’t find any backpacker type articles here. Instead I make the most of points + miles, do tons of research and always look out for good deals. I use Skyscanner for flights and Booking.com for hotel deals – i’m working on a full resources page soon!

Skyscanner is great since you can set alerts for a route and then get an email whenever fares have lowered. Google Flights is another great tool – you can plug in any destination and it will show you the cheapest fares for a 12 month historical period.

Booking.com allows you to make reservations without paying upfront (you pay at the hotel when you arrive) and has a flexible cancellation policy. If I’ve booked flights but haven’t yet figured out where I want to stay, I’ll make a booking on Booking.com to at least hold down an affordable hotel for piece of mind.

Typically I travel with friends and family but in 2016, have started doing a couple solo trips as sometimes it can be hard to make everyone’s schedules align perfectly.


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“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
― Marc Riboud